Financial Advisory services

– Project identification, co-ordination and review of feasibility and technical reports.

– Scoping and Financial Strategy Advice for public and private sector infrastructure development.

– Debt & Equity Capital Raising

– Expert Advice on Divestment, Mergers & Acquisitions.

– Advice on Origination, timing and regulatory compliance

Investment Advisory services

– Assessment & Expert Advice on Investment Opportunities.

– New Issues Preparations and Proposals.

– Expert Advice on PPP.

Capital Market & Securities Trading

– Manage orderly Trade Executions for Local and International Institutional Investors on The Nigerian Stock Exchange.

– Origination, Placement and Execution of major Trade Flows.

– At Magnartis we work with other Brokers and global Custodians as execution Brokers on securities listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange

– Fixed Income Securities Trading.